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About geeky

Software Engineering Project Manager / Digital Creator

 Creative Director / Footwear Designer

based out of New York City.



Being Deaf since birth, has not stopped me from anything I want to do in life, though in a hearing world,

I have been pushed to the side, or ignored and classified as the deaf mute stereotype. My struggles have taught me that no matter what, I have to show & prove to the world that I am no different.

My experience and love of Art & Design as a young child has led me to study Computer engineering in college, and minor in Fine Arts and continue to think outside of the box combining Tech and Art. 


For the "ART"

Art & Design and Technology has always being my passion, My father taught me the basics of art at a 2 years old, and at the age of 7 yrs old, my love for technology hit when my parents had a radio that did not work, they tossed it to the side, I took it upon myself to take it apart, build it again with different parts and asked my mom to press play for confirmation that it worked since I could not hear it.  and it worked! 


Computers came into play when my teacher Ms. Jackson let me play with the IBM Apple computer in her classroom. The rest was history! 

The introduction of the first apple computer in elementary school has opened my eyes to the tech world, and became fascinated on how computers operate.

I realized with the two, I had the ability to combine, Technology & Art together with in depth research as part of my creative process In which helped me create & design not just a powerful but meaningful product and at the same time dismantling the tired idea of what a consumer brand "should" be. I take pride in creating disruptive lifestyle designs, products, experiences and technology while pushing the boundaries of fashion, entertainment, luxury goods, technology and beyond.


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