Who's Geeky?


Who's Geeky?

Every website has a story, and I am sure you want to hear mines. My name is Ebony, alias premiumgeek, the name gave birth while in my last few years of college studying computer engineering. Despite Art always being my passion at the age of 2yrs old, and my father teaching me the basics at a young age, I did not want to go through my college years studying just art, so changed my major and studied computer engineering. With the two, I combined computers & art together and came up with various ideas as part of engineering projects presented to my professors. My professors would be blown away with the ideas presented, and say you are a genius! Can I use this to teach my class? I say sure! knock yourself out....but of course I had to learn a little of the laws on how to protect myself so this wont be used freely. lol


Whether you are already in business or just starting out, It's always best to fine tune your strategy and plans or pivot your direction for your brand. We are not a Graphic Design firm, Fashion label, Advertising firm or Marketing Agency. We are dismantling the tired idea of what a consumer brand "should" be. We are a Brand House. This is a mission that's about more than producing out of this world projects. We create disruptive lifestyle designs, products, experiences and technology. We push the boundaries of fashion, entertainment, luxury goods, technology and beyond. It's okay if you don't have all of your ideas together, shoot me an DM or click on the link below and let's get the ball rolling. 



Shadyville Worldwide

Hot 97 


DJ Whookid

Mishka NYC

Black Ink Crew


Yellowbrick Sneaker

Ras Baraka

Waka Flocka 



Slim Dollars

Dai Burger

Studio Sneaker Essentials

Young Paris

Sign The Show

Ben Bronfman

Luke James

Platinum Sound Recording Studios

Jayden Pyram

Treshelle Edmond

Jerry Wonda

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