Elba / Japan / 2016

Complex Con / Los Angeles / 2017

Random Gallery / London / 2020


DJ Whoo Kid / Black Ink  / Ben Bronfman / Slim Dollars

Shadyville / Access Included / Complex / Sneaker Essentials / Moxiie Music / Dai Burger / Nitty Scott / Reality TV VH1 Sassy 


My name is premiumgeek. I’m a Freelance Creative Technology Director. I’ve been working as a Creative Director for about 10 + years. I have held various positions ranging from graphic designer, web designer, tech writer, Computer Programming, Mobile App development and more. My experiences in the industry have armed me with a very broad skill set, from managing the creative aspects as an indivudual, to being responsible for the design, creative concepts and final outputs. I am very passionate about the creative process, and producing fly & dope work for clients by any means necessary. I’m always eager to work with new agencies or new brands. Let's make magic! 


—  Premiumgeek, Creative Tech Director


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