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I am a Black Deaf Female Creative Director / Footwear Designer born in Harlem, Raised in the Bronx boroughs of New York City, 


Being Deaf since birth, has not stopped me from anything I want to do in life, though in a hearing world, I have been pushed to the side, or ignored and classified as the deaf mute stereotype.

My struggles have taught me that no matter what, I have to show & prove to the world that I am no different.


Art & Design and Technology has always being my passion, My father taught me the basics of art at a 2 years old, and my love for computers grew when my teacher let me play with the IBM Apple computer in her classroom.  I fixed a radio at the age of 7 yrs old. My experience and love of Art & Design has led me to study Computer engineering in college, and minor in Fine Arts.


I realized with the two, I had the ability to combine, Technology & Art together with in depth research as part of my creative process In which helped me create & design not just a powerful but meaningful product and at the same time dismantling the tired idea of what a consumer brand "should" be. I take pride in creating disruptive lifestyle designs, products, experiences and technology while pushing the boundaries of fashion, entertainment, luxury goods, technology and beyond.



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