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UPNYC Master Class by geeky®




Fall Program


About the UP NYC Master Class

UPNYC Master class taught by instructor geeky® at all 3 locations of UP NYC Store owned by the legendary Fat Joe which established in 2016, UP NYC has quickly become one of the premier sneaker and clothing stores in New York City, strive to bring the latest fashions and brands to our customers as well as take pride in serving our community.

As UP NYC continues to grow we will keep focus on the needs of our customers and continue with emerging lifestyle and fashion trends as key to success and longevity. We believe in giving back to the kids in the community by providing UP NYC Master classes taught by premiumgeek and other instructors.

Premiumgeek will be teaching kids the following classes for Free this Fall:

  • T-Shirt Design Lab

  • Sneaker Design Lab

  • American Sign Language

Will take home cool items produced in class, and present to the world. Who can be the next Virgil Abloh? Basqiaut, Ron Bass, Geeky and more!

Sign up to reserve your kids spot, First Come, First Serve! Did I mention its Free! Check it out! View / Download the Master Class Lesson Plans below:

UPNYC Masterclass Lesson Plans
Download PDF • 444KB

Any questions, Feel free to contact

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