Slim Dollars

If you don't know Slim Dollars. born Sharod Simmons, demeanor remains unfazed. Everywhere he goes, this Harlem rapper’s presence is felt. Never fake, and always Smiling in a serious way while giving everyone dap, his sense of humor is enough to make you guess he has the throne in the music game. He's a dope individual whose shows sell out quick without a major backing. He has an intensive background when it comes to music, especially working with the icon Mr. Russell Simmons himself. Bottom line, he is no stranger to the game - especially at Warner Music Group.

Anyone that has crossed him, either has fell off hard and begs for mercy. Meanwhile, Slim would preach to his peers and fans, to never bite the hand that feeds you. He shows love to everyone within his community in Harlem regardless.

He can be seen at meetings or running the streets with his peers, Trippy Treats, ASAP Ferg, ASAP Rocky, Marty Baller, Cal (Tripset), Angry (Tripset) Dream Doll, DJ E Double, Jayden Pyram, Premiumgeek, Ben Jayne and more.

Check out his latest track "Keep Up" via soundcloud

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