Slim dollars live on Complex New Interactive show streaming on Twitch

Complex Networks has partnered with Twitch to launch a series of interactive shows, with three of them launching this month. "Beat Battle" is one of Complex's Network Series which consists of rising producers matched against each other in a weekly competition. Watch Live via Twitch - Complex Channel this Thursday at 7-830pm Eastern Time.

I must stay as a New York City Native, Harlem is under the microscope when it comes to talent, Slim dollars is no stranger to the streets & music industry. His name rings bells for years to come. IF you come to Harlem, and ask who is "Slim Dollars"? Guaranteed someone on the block is going to break it down to you, basically say "Who? Slim! yeah he got bars, one hell of a producer, as a matter of fact he is one of the greatest producers / rappers in Harlem. Do not sleep. Watch the show this Thursday!

Meanwhile, listen to either of the following, yup produced by @slimdollars himself. Nuff said.

The Funeral - Dreamdoll featuring Lil' Kim

All Day - G-Herbo / Hass Irv.

Six Flags - Azelia Banks & Slim Dollars

Trap Phone - Slim Dollars featuring Metro Boomin

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