Who is Jayden Pyram?

Jayden Pyram is one of New York’s Most sought over child socialites, fashion model, and child performer. With over a million views across various platforms on his music videos,fashion editorials, and digital content, this 14 year old Brooklyn native is in a lane of his own creation.

I met his dad Eddie Pyram, about 10 yrs ago, we clicked on a creative level. He always had his son with him, Jayden would always play & do random creative things out of the blue - his style was effortlessly speculative - it would make you wonder like WHO IS THIS KID? He’s a Star! So I asked his dad if it was ok that I take photos of him, I had a studio booked with one of the top photographers New York City. After that he blew up! With a blink of an eye!

He landed contracts with the following:

  • Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nike, Puma, Levi's, Hurley Converse , Kappa Joe Jean's, Tommy Hilfiger, NFL